By joining the Prelli Tennis Demo Program, we guarantee you will not only enjoy trying different racquets but,
We will find the right racquet to suit your game!
We have a huge range of racquets for you to try out so we're sure to find the right racquet for you. 
You may also call us to pre-book any racquet you wish to try. 
(Demo program only available to Victorian customers) 
The way it works...
- All we need from you is a $50 deposit, your driver’s license and    
   credit card details, and you will be on your way...
- As part of this $50 you spend, you are able to demo as many 
   racquets as you like (limit 2 at a time)
- Racquets can be play tested for up to 3 days at a time
- Once you have decided on a racquet that best suits your game, if 
   you purchase the racquet from us we will credit you the $50 
   deposit as part of the racquet purchase
- That’s it!! You’ve now got a racquet that you know will help your 
   game, rather than buying a racquet and forcing yourself to like it   
   because you bought it.

Don’t forget to talk to us about strings as well!

The wrong strings can have as much effect on your game as the racquet itself! Our expert staff can help you choose a string that will compliment your game and your new racquet and help you to get the most out of your new purchase
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